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High Ceiling Dusting Pricing

Average Cost of High Ceiling Dusting

Professional cleaning of high ceilings can be costly. Hiring a general contractor for ceiling cleaning varies in price. The average fixed cost is $125 to $300 per appointment, with pricing increasing per square foot.

Ceiling tile gathers dust as well as stains. Remove dust and clean your ceilings without the risk of an accident. Our cleaning production team ensures full insurance, protecting all parties at every appointment.

Local Calgary cleaning companies charge extra for certain wall and ceiling cleaning jobs. Cleanings over 20 feet tall require additional equipment to be brought on-site. Other contracted house cleaners can only reach so far up the ceiling and walls with extendable dusters.

Avoid these higher costs and hire Cleaning In Action to clean your local Calgary home and facility. We guarantee a service that delivers high results and affordable pricing.

Our Ceiling Cleaning Process

Dusting protocol includes the complete removal of dust from surfaces and corners. Vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, and cleaning solutions dissolved in warm water are used to remove and prevent those pesky dust particles.

Prevent dust build-up, and keep your property sparkling clean with award-winning services. Cleaning In Action, providing house cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta.

Proper Cleaning of High Ceilings

Around 80% of individuals spend majority of their time indoors. Companies must re-shift their focus to preventing COVID-19 and improve lung health. The easiest way to do this is to improve air quality with frequent high ceiling cleaning.

Air purifiers do not get rid of large amounts of dust. The side effects of inhaling dust particles (and all the bacteria that is carried with it) outweigh the costs to clean. Prevent dust build-up by hiring your local high ceiling cleaning company: Cleaning In Action. We guarantee the cheapest price for the best high dusting services.

High Ceiling Professional Cleaning by Cleaning In Action

What is our cost to clean high ceilings? We keep the price low without sacrificing the quality of your commercial and home cleaning. Our high ceiling house cleaning pricing starts at $125.

High Ceiling Cleaning Pricing

The average variable cost for each appointment varies with the area and specific equipment required to clean your home. To receive an accurate quote, email us at [email protected]. Please provide the square feet, height of ceiling, number of rooms with high ceilings, and address for an accurate estimate.

Book Your Cleaning Appointment Today

We highly recommend booking an appointment time during low-traffic times for your establishment. Cleaning In Action is open Monday through Saturday, 8AM to 9PM.

If you require a special time for your cleaning, please contact us at (403) 796-2728 or email [email protected] for a free quote.

We are always Cleaning in Action! We offer multiple cleaning services in ONE appointment for residential cleans—perfect for individuals looking for a complete move out clean.

Get your windows cleaned, ceilings dusted, and driveway power-washed all in the same day by our general contracting company. Contact us for more details.