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How It Works: High Ceiling  Dusting

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High Ceiling Dusting: PRICING

Trying to clean hard to reach areas can be extremely troublesome. We can help you clean and dust off your lights, fans, hoods, etc.

We offer affordable high ceiling dusting services in Calgary starting at $80. The cost is determined based on your home or business.

Call us and we will give you an affordable high ceiling dusting price!

Our high ceiling dusting service can also be combined with any other of our cleaning or disinfecting services for a reduced fee:

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Dusting For You And Your Health

Around 80% of individuals spend majority of their time indoors, whether it be in the office or at home. This number increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making it crucial for individuals to create a clean, healthy environment. A simple, easy way to improve air quality is by removing dust with proper cleaning methods.

Inhaling dust may lead to adverse health problems, including allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory issues. While households tend to clean accumulated dust on their floors and easy-to-reach places like tables and countertops, they neglect ceiling cleaning, including ceiling fans, high dusting, and vaulted ceilings.

Then how do you clean high ceiling dust? Air purifiers, feather dusters, and robot vacuums can only do so much—put your Roomba vacuum cleaner away and let us handle the high-altitude jobs! Cleaning In Action provides the best high ceiling dusting in Calgary, Alberta. Click here to get started.

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Safety First - Remove Dust

How to find the best duster for high ceilings? Hire Cleaning In Action to clean your Calgary home and establishment! Breathing in dust and being a dust polluted area may lead to respiratory and vision problems. Protect your lung and eye health, and let us handle the cleaning.

There are also risks associated with cleaning and disinfecting ceilings more than 20 feet high. Our team is insured with policies that guarantee everyone’s safety. Click here to learn more.

Dusting & Cleaning For The Health Industry

We guarantee a sanitized cleaning process with proper protection to keep germs at bay, safe for all hospitals and clinics.

Do you measure your air quality index (AQI)? AQI values below 100 are considered healthy. Benefit from high ceiling cleaning and reduce your AQI and provide a healthy environment for others around you. Book your appointment now!

Keeping a Healthy Air Quality

Living in a clean, comfortable environment with your family can reduce illness and chances of catching air-borne illnesses. A reliable way to measure this is by using the air quality index.

The AQI focuses on health effects that may be experienced within a few hours or days after breathing polluted air and uses a scale from 0 to 500. An AQI value of 100 or below is a healthy environment, with very small chance of catching air-borne illnesses.

Specific areas have higher AQI values, such as hospitals, underground buildings, fitness centers, and more. We recommend high-traffic areas to hire cleaning services for deep cleaning purposes, including high cleaning ceiling dusting and disinfecting, for a minimum of twice per month.

Find out your city’s daily AQI by visiting Air Now’s official website.

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High Ceiling Cleaning… in Action!

With Cleaning In Action, we clean high ceilings and provide top-notch cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta. Cleaning hard-to-reach spots is our specialty.

Our cleaning company uses the best tools for the job to reach the ceiling and other high areas in a household. Our team uses specially-crafted extendable dusters for high ceilings and ladders for inside homes. We also bring high ceiling fan dusters suitable for cleaning warehouses and large storage units.

For unique buildings, we may bring in additional equipment. We have experience cleaning church and cathedral ceilings, libraries, and more buildings that collect dust and have high traffic.

Our Ceiling Cleaning Process

How to clean dust from high ceilings? Although that Walmart extra long duster for high ceilings is appealing, at Cleaning In Action, we use high ceiling duster tools such as stick vacuums, microfiber cloths, telescopic cleaning poles, and proper PPE equipment to protect your eyes and lungs from those pesky dust mites.

We remove dust, but we also take steps to prevent dust build-up. We start off by using a high ceiling cobweb duster and use an industrial-strength high ceiling dust cleaner with a damp cloth to prevent more dust particles from gathering in tight spaces.

Depending on how tall your property is, we provide quick services, approximately 20 minutes per 500 sq ft of space. We guarantee the quickest, cleanest high ceiling dusting in Calgary, Alberta. What are you waiting for? Wipe the dust off your computer screen, and click here for high-ceiling cleaning pricing.

Book Your Cleaning Appointment Today

We highly recommend booking an appointment time during low-traffic times for your establishment. Cleaning In Action is open Monday through Saturday, 8AM to 9PM. If you require a special time for your cleaning, please contact us at (403) 796-2728 or email [email protected] for a free quote.

We are always Cleaning in Action! We offer multiple cleaning services in ONE appointment—perfect for companies or individuals looking for a complete move out clean. Get your windows cleaned, ceilings dusted, and storefront power-washed all in one day. Contact us for more details.

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